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AeroSky Training Academy is looking for a Manager to improve the quality of various staff categories and setting standards for an effective operating organization, as well as researching and providing courses that serve the market; thus ensuring maximum profit through conducting top notch training courses and workshops for the community. 


Main Duties: 

• Budgeting / Cost control of training. 

• Definition of training requirements and specifications. 

• Researching customer and market training needs.

• Customer consultation and selling training courses. 

• Research and approach course accreditation and affiliation.

• Managing the operations, and procedures of the training academy. 

• Supervising and allocating needed training. 

• Coordinating Between AeroSky academy and external firms.

Routine Duties:

• Coordinates overall planning and decision making for maintaining the safety, utility and appearance of the training center. 

• Ensures the service deliveries of maintenance as well as cleaning services are compliant with legislation and current good practice relating to the training center management industry. 

• Monitors budget to control expenditures to properly administer academy’s budget.

• Evaluates staff and recommends disciplinary actions as appropriate. 

• Implements task plans which ensure that customer’ needs and expectations are actively included.

• Utilizes Customers feedback and satisfaction information to enhance the academy’s performance and customer experience.

• Ensures that customers are engaged and informed in advance of any issues which may affect them, thereby ensuring all potential disruption is minimized. 

• Responsible for the quality of the training equipment and setting according to the market needs.

• Continuous market research of the latest training topics, techniques and equipment to ensure the training academy is ahead of the competition and up to date with the highest international standards.

• Performs any other work related duties as assigned from her/ his direct manager. 


• Relevant University Degree 

• 3-5 years’ experience in Management and Training. 


• English: Excellent 

• IT and Computer Expertise 

• Research and analytical skills 

• Superior Communication skills 

• Leadership Skills





We are Hiring Now for  sales representative for AeroSky Aviation training Academy (females only) .

1-Very Good English speaking skill.
2- Graduated with prior experience interacting with clients in a sales or marketing capacity.
3-Good looking and well groomed.

4-IT and Computer Expertise

All resumes to be forward to: