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About Pilot Training 

AeroSky Aviation provides the highest standard of pilot training available. Whether your goal is to become a Commercial Pilot or to obtain a Private Pilot’s License for recreational flying, at AeroSky we pride ourselves with our experienced flight instructors, our comprehensive fleet of well-equipped aircraft and a vibrant and educational training environment.

Our partner flying Egyptian Aviation Academy was established on 7th. May 1932 after. The academy has granted to operate as an organization that conducts courses of pilot training in accordance with its Approved Pilot School Certificate and Training Specifications and Comply with ICAO Annex 1, Appendix 2 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and meet all relevant Sections of ECAR 141 Of the Egyptian civil aviation authority.

Being a part of AeroSky you will have the access to the latest figures and trends in the aviation industry.


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