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  • - Integrated Course.                                                                 Private pilot license (PPL)


- Instrument rating (IR)                                                            - Commercial pilot license (CPL)


- Multi-Engine (jet/PROP)                                                        - Flying instructors course.


- Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)                                                - Multi Crew Pilot License (MPL) 


- Evaluation                                                                                - Renewal of license


1- Integrated course 



This program is a continuous period of training with 190 hours of training. Integrated program includes the following:


- Private pilot license


- Instrument rating


- Commercial pilot license 


- ATP frozen.(It will be frozen unill you finish the required flying hours )





Payment terms


• 50 % of total cost in advance.

• 30 % after three months from admission.

• 20% after six month from the admission.


Notes for Integrated course under


• Integrated course training period is between 6-8 months.

• Candidate will have a Bachelor Degree in Aviation by the end of training.

• Student will be covered with medical insurance during training period.


• Program includes free ground school, more ground school will be available for AeroSky clients.

• Medical examination fee is not included in training total price.

• Hotel Accommodation is not included in the program. However, high furnished apartments with competitive          prices will be available for AeroSky students. (  View Accommodation photos )



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