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About Trial Flight / Gift Flight


Interested in learning to fly? Simply wanting to take the controls of a light aircraft? Looking for a special gift? Why not take a Trial Flight, it is the perfect introduction to flying light aircraft!   It is an amazing opportunity to take you to the skies and see the world from a different perspective.

What will we do?

After showing you around, we will take you on a pre-flight safety brief. The preflight brief will depend on any previous experience you may have and will be tailored to suit. After getting into the aircraft we have to make contact with the Control Tower and will taxi for take-off.  Departure from the runway is really quite exhilarating as our aircraft accelerate and climb quickly. If you are a little nervous don’t worry – the instructor will have already worked that out!

Where will we go?

 The flights will vary according to circumstance, where the weather is coming in from, how high the clouds are and what you want, where you want to go. It will be possible to see El Fayoum from the sky in case of extended trial Flight.

What aircraft we will fly in?

 Cessna 172 (Four seats) including pilot seat.

What to wear? 

Please wear comfortable clothes and practical footwear. Temperature at 6-October airport is lower than the Cairo Temperature by about 5 degree.


The main purpose of the flight is a flying lesson and any form of photography must be purely ancillary to that. No professional camera allowed ONLY cellular camera is allowed.

Points to Note

- Minimum age is 18 years old

- Maximum weight /person 100 kg If you are over this weight please telephone and discuss with an instructor.

- Only three persons allowed per flight.

- Personal bags not allowed during the flight.

- Professional camera not allowed.- Smoking prohibited during flight.

- Please note that all flying is subject to the suitability of the weather and aircraft serviceability.

- Flight time start from engine run till engine shutdown.

- Only one time allowed to postpone your flight date.

What Are The Cost?

- Standard Trial Flight 30 minutes

- The standard 30 minute flight costs 2000 EGP .

- Extended Trial Flight 60 minutes

- The Extended trial flight costs 4000EGP.

Contact us to book your adventure

- Cellular:+201125778882/+201122458722